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I love it!!!

It’s a great show!!!

Love this podcast!

Host and guests are entertaining and knowledgeable, and it’s a great listen all the way through. 100% Recommend

Love it!

Felipe is an excellent interviewer and banterer. In listening, it is clear he cares about his craft. Also, I love the music he includes.

Must Listen!

The perfect podcast for any old school Disney Channel fans

Great Disney Channel recaps

Felipe and his friends are my go to for all my favorite DCOM recaps. The passion is there and I love the modern perspective on movies from my youth


I love this show!! Felipe does such a good job being funny while also making sure to cover important topics!! It’s a must listen!

Brazilian Dragon is on fire

Felipe and his lineup of guests are hilarious and always have the best takes. Especially Annie who needs to be on more. We the fans demand another Disney Singalong!

Loving The Nostalgia!

I’ve been loving the Scooby Doo coverage and the DCOMs!! Felipe is so funny and his passion gets me excited to listen in every week.

Great fun!

Felipe does an amazing job reviewing things with his guests. It’s fun to listen to even when I’m not familiar with the subject material! -Josh L

Enjoyable and Fun

This pop culture podcast speaks to everyone born in the late 90s. Fantastic content, passion hosts, and a nostalgic trip through my favorite old shows

Scooby Dooby Amazing!

As a huge Scooby Doo fan, I LOVE this podcast. The hosts are funny and have great chemistry. They have completely different personalities and outlooks which makes for an entertaining show. 10/10 recommend!

Iconic kings and queens

Loving the big brother content rn!!!

A great podcast!

The energy and passion shows in every episode! A little something for everyone- esp for pop culture stans looking for nostalgia.

Fun Stuff

Comfort podcasting. Still room to grow but there is so much potential.